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Our approach to safety in aviation refuelling

Aviation refuelling safety is always a top priority for companies in the Flofuel Group whether we are manufacturing or sourcing components or equipment for our customers. Here are just a few ways we are doing our utmost to keep the industry safe.

Fuel farm modifications and testing

We’ve partnered with Shell to make modifications to our fuel farm including testing new technologies to safeguard against water slugs and water contamination in fuel supply systems. By injecting water into our fuel at the testing site we can understand far more about how the equipment reacts in real time and in real conditions. Our objective is to help safeguard against these issues and in doing so, make the aviation industry even safer.

Providing testing facilities to overcome filter safety issues

We are working closely with aviation refuelling filter manufacturers by providing an on-site testing facility that will help to improve the use of filters during aircraft refuelling. We use a test vehicle that can simulate the outcomes and effects of the materials within some filters that can sometimes migrate into the aircraft. Our testing facilities will enable the filter manufacturers to understand more about the impact of the products they supply and upgrade any areas where potential damage to the aircraft may be a concern.

Training and qualifications

Flofuel Training - part of the Flofuel Group - is a key provider of aviation refuelling training. Our BTech course is independently verified and internationally recognised and we are one of the first organisations to deliver aviation refuelling training aligned to European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) and the Energy Institute (EI1530) requirements for operators. This provides participants with an independently accredited qualification and employers with staff with the highest safety standards. We also continually invest in our training facilities and strive for outstanding standards of operation and safety.

IATA strategic partners

We are International Air Transport Association (IATA) strategic partners. The Strategic Partnerships Program is a platform for aviation solution providers to build and strengthen relationships with other key industry stakeholders. Through our participation in IATA work groups, we gain a unique insight into airlines’ priorities and we are recognised for working together with IATA in safely serving the air transport industry.

Joint Inspection Group (JIG)

We work closely with JIG, a leading and recognised forum where aviation fuel supply experts connect to establish and improve safe fuel handling and quality control. JIG has developed standards that govern the operation of shared fuel storage and handling facilities at major airports where JIG companies are based.

Testing in partnership with the Energy Institute

We often carry out testing in partnership with the Energy Institute (EI) – examining components to see how they behave in certain conditions, carrying out flammability and static testing. The EI supports over 23,000 individuals working in or studying energy, and 250 companies worldwide, with learning and networking to support development, as well as providing professional recognition and resources on energy in all its forms and applications.

Ground Damage Stakeholders Conference

We regularly participate in the Ground Damage Stakeholders’ Conference - a unique forum where aviation professionals from across the supply chain work together to tackle aircraft ground damage. The conference is invaluable for ground handlers, airlines and ground support equipment manufacturers to share best practice. The conference also focuses on tools and techniques for a strong safety culture in the aviation industry.

These are just a few of the ways we place safety at the centre of what we do and they demonstrate how seriously we take safety in the aviation refuelling industry. We are also proud to play a prominent role in influencing and supporting new safety procedures in the aviation refuelling workplace. We always do our utmost to ensure that every single base has been covered and that everyone and everything stays as safe as possible in our and our customers’ workplaces.

To find out more about our approach to safety, contact our team on +44 (0)1993 222540 or email enquiries@flofuel-group.co.uk

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